Weathered Adolescents, Episode 5

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The penultimate episode of season 1 deals with the fallout from Mike’s surprise party. And it’s also got Donald Trump, because he doesn’t show up in enough places these days.

Weathered Adolescents, Episode 4

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Episode 4 of Weathered Adolescents is up. What’s in this one? A wild party, a bit of snowballing, a game of Jenga, a delicious drink, Seth’s flirting, Kelly’s animated bed of love, and a genuine Italian tie. Plus, Joe D. gets his head shaved. Just like Zach Galifinakis. Enjoy!

Weathered Adolescents, Episode 3

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With this episode, we approach the midpoint of  Season 1 of Weathered Adolescents. There’s all sorts of good stuff—pooping in the park, a peeping tom, popping balloons, and a non-alliterative obsession with a certain Chelsea.

Probably most important, however: Axe Body Spray. And how to make your own. And its proper application. (Let’s just say that Doug is plotting his revenge.)

Weathered Adolescents, Episode 2

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The smash Episode 2 of Weathered Adolescents is now available for all to see. This one has the introduction of Chelsea, a new job, a parking ticket, the egg theory, and some kinky old people.

Weathered Adolescents, Episode 1

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Very exciting news. Today 3LR is releasing episode 1 of our new webseries, Weathered Adolescents. We’ll be releasing a new episode here, and on our YouTube and Facebook pages, every Wednesday afternoon for six weeks.


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A big thanks to everyone who came out to see Unicorn City. Like all shows, it took a huge amount of work to put on, and the audience is an incredibly important element in its success.

Has that whet your appetite for more 3LR goodness? Or perhaps you missed it but you want to get a taste of just how unfortunate that was for you? No worries: Our next show is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 23! We’ll be performing a couple of sketches at Martyr’s (3855 N. Lincoln Ave.) at 8:00 PM as part of a party to celebrate the release of Unicorn City director Joe Lewis’s Scumbabies movie.

Which sketches? Well, they involve a couple of rather popular French and Dutch fellows who sing with German accents, and an incredibly attractive young blonde ingenue.

Hope to see you there!

Unicorn Watch: 10/21

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While Three Legged Race is proud to be alerting the public about the dangers of evil unicorns in its new play Unicorn City (running Fridays at 10:30 at the Apollo Theater Studio through November 19), we would be remiss if we did not share the efforts of some others who are also working on this cause.

First is former Three Legged Race member Rebecca Leib, who’s now tearing it up in Los Angeles. She shared some truly horrifying unicorn tattoos on Say Something Funny B*tch! Such as this one:

Unicorn TattooThey kind of get worse from there, particularly the truly disturbing final image. Check it out… if you dare.

Second, we wish to give credit to the Ontario Science Centre, which has released this footage of a possible unicorn sighting:

The Science Centre warns the public to use caution if they think they see a unicorn, and not to make any sudden movements or attempt to use flash photography.