June 28 Production Notes: Gay Pride Is Evil

Not evil in the sense of being wrong, or that people who exhibit gay pride eat puppy-and-baby salads with non-organic French dressing, or anything else that Pat Robertson would say. It’s just that Chicago’s Pride Parade was held today, and while our rehearsal site* isn’t strictly located along the parade route, it’s within a couple of blocks.

The Pride Parade is a major event, with huge crowds. Just getting to rehearsal today was a bit of a tricky thing, particularly for the cast members who have to take Clark Street to get there.

I suppose it would be more accurate to say that enormous crowds standing between us and where we want to go are evil, but that’s less catchy. Plus this way, perhaps we’ll create a huge controversy that drives people to the site, where they then realize that 3LR does not believe Gay Pride is evil in a bad way, and become our best friends. (3LR does believe Gay Pride is Evil, but that’s a good thing — like when Motley Fool calls actions that are smart “Foolish”.)

Once we actually got to rehearsal, there were plenty of positive developments. We’re ahead of schedule on learning lines–our official off-book day isn’t until next Tuesday, but we were able to run two of the scenes we worked today without scripts, and the other three are close.

We worked the same sketches as last time, plus one called OnStar, which takes place in a Ford Taurus and gives Derick the opportunity to whip out his Scottish accent. His father is Scottish, and certainly could drive a Ford Taurus if given the opportunity, so it’s an homage. Because family… is Evil.

* We rehearse at Johnny O’Hagan’s, at 3374 N. Clark. While our rehearsals are in a closed room (i.e., you can’t come and watch), O’Hagan’s is an awesome Irish pub with really good food, and you should go there to eat and drink.

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