June 30 Production Notes: Rehearsus Interruptus

Not much of an update today. Our director was sick, and one of the cast members was bleeding. (The bleeding is probably–probably!–related to surgery she recently had, although it could also be sort of a tasteful fountain thing out the top of her head. Probably the former, though.)

We’ve also got Sunday off due to the holiday and certain cast members’ insistence on taking trains to very strange places to visit very strange people. It’s a shame, both because you never want to lose time when you’re building a show, but also because the rehearsal process has just been so much fun so far.

But what happens happens. When we gather again next Tuesday, we’ll be doing so completely without scripts in hand. We will know our lines or else face the penalty. What exactly that penalty is wasn’t made completely clear. But the threat was vicious. Truly vicious. So nobody wants to test it.

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