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July 7 Production Notes: Drinking, Drugs, and Chemistry

Posted in Front for Evil with tags , , , , , on July 9, 2009 by Greg Landgraf

We picked up rehearsal on Tuesday, in various states of refreshment (and, in one case, hobblingness) from the Fourth of July holiday. It proved to be a productive one; we worked something like seven scenes, and all of them were credibly off-book. (This was, if you recall, our assignment from last week, and a week ahead of our original plan.)

There was a long stretch of working scenes that I’m not in, so I spent part of rehearsal catching up on my rest, and making the unhappy discovery that the benches at Johnny O’Hagan’s are more comfortable than my bed. But I was upright for some notable discoveries by the cast:

* Jess is pretty awesome when stage-drunk, and she gets stage-drunk quickly, from just a couple sips of imaginary stage liquor. While alcohol abuse is evil (rather than Evil), her sudden realization that she’s two-fisting is a sight to behold.

* We’ve got a sketch called “Rehab.” (Don’t sing the song, or I will be forced to reach through the internet and slap you.) Doug’s impassioned explanation of how he got to go rehab (don’t say ‘no no no’ or I will slap you) is a thing of beauty. SLAP! I warned you.

* While this won’t show up in the final show–it’s the result of a dropped line on my part–I’m delighted to have caused the phrase “You forgot rhenium, jerk!” to be uttered for possibly the first time in recorded history. Way to go, Derick!

I’m missing Sunday’s rehearsal–I’ll be at a conference for my day job through Tuesday morning, at which I’ll be doing things that include interviewing Paula Poundstone–but watch here for an exciting non-rehearsal-related update coming soon.