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New Front for Evil Photos

Posted in Uncategorized on August 23, 2009 by Greg Landgraf

We’ve got a special treat: Photos from the August 21 14 performance of Front for Evil. Such as:

The Horrors of Wrigleyville. Photo by Alan S. Dalinka.

The Horrors of Wrigleyville. Photo by Alan S. Dalinka.

which depicts the horrors of Wrigleyville. Specifically, the horrors of a friendly jogger, who dares to return an inadvertently dropped wallet. It’s terrifying.

See all 12 new photos on our Pictures page.

Special thanks to Alan Dalinka, who took each of these pictures. For that, Alan is officially Evil (in the good way).

Front for Evil: Week 2…

Posted in Uncategorized on August 14, 2009 by Greg Landgraf

which is tomorrow, by which, I mean, Friday, August 14. What better way to recover from the bad evils of a week at the office, and the threat of Baby Papa (aka Dick Cheney) promising to write a whiny little screed about how George W. Bush wasn’t sufficiently differential, and the horrors of that creepy new planet that orbits its star the wrong direction, than with the good evil of Front for Evil. We’ve got some drinking, and some after-effects of drinking; a Scottish guy’s new car, and his women from down under; a guy who is so fascinated by breasts that he’ll collect money for them, and, of course, mustaches. It’s about 18 million times better than the only possible alternative, which is Madea Goes To Jail On Demand. So come see Front for Evil instead.

10:30 p.m.

Apollo Theater Studio

2540 N. Lincoln


(And if, for some evil reason you can’t make it tomorrow, we’ve got six more weeks after that. So see you then!)

Opening Night Tomorrow!

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Four months of writing and rehearsing culminates tomorrow at 10:30: Opening night of Front for Evil.

It’s pretty surprising how non-panicky the cast is. We had no last-minute rehearsals or cram sessions. Just our regular Sunday and Tuesday nights, and those were about as low-key as you could imagine for the last week before opening.

Sunday was our tech rehearsal. It was long and dull from an actor’s standpoint, because it isn’t about us. A tech rehearsal exists so that the person running lights and sound can figure out which lights to turn on when and when to press which button on the CD player. The actors mostly stand on stage so the tech person can see what will make them look best. (Or in some of our cases, least ugly!)

Tech rehearsals are often pretty miserable. But this one… not so much. It was well-organized and free of drama, thanks to the efforts of our director Jay and our tech guy Dominick.

Our Tuesday rehearsal was nothing more than a single run-through. We’re in a place where we know the show well but we’re still able to play within the scenes and surprise ourselves and each other. In other words, the sweet spot.

I feel like I’m coming off as artificially positive. But let me assure those of you who don’t know me: Nobody in the history of time has ever, ever, ever accused me of being positive when positivity is unwarranted.

To prove it, I’ll share one late setback. One more scene had to be cut this week. It wasn’t the fault of the scene; it’s a song, and we had to cut it because we weren’t able to get music recorded in time. Which is unfortunate, because we really liked it. But it will, at least, find another home somewhere. You will get to hear “Technically a Condom” at some point, I swear.

Front for Evil T-Shirt

Front for Evil T-Shirt

There are a couple of other bits of business to handle. First off: You can officially be indoctrinated into the Front for Evil with some Front for Evil merchandise. Buy the Front for Evil T-Shirt or Front for Evil magnets at our Cafepress store.

Second: 3LR has a new web series running: The National Gelatinous Cube Attack Hotline. Nine episodes in total will be produced, of which the first two are up on our YouTube page. Because, let’s face it, you’re worried about gelatinous cube attacks.

And last: You have taken the Are You Evil Facebook quiz, right? Right? Right! Good.