Front for Evil: Week 2…

which is tomorrow, by which, I mean, Friday, August 14. What better way to recover from the bad evils of a week at the office, and the threat of Baby Papa (aka Dick Cheney) promising to write a whiny little screed about how George W. Bush wasn’t sufficiently differential, and the horrors of that creepy new planet that orbits its star the wrong direction, than with the good evil of Front for Evil. We’ve got some drinking, and some after-effects of drinking; a Scottish guy’s new car, and his women from down under; a guy who is so fascinated by breasts that he’ll collect money for them, and, of course, mustaches. It’s about 18 million times better than the only possible alternative, which is Madea Goes To Jail On Demand. So come see Front for Evil instead.

10:30 p.m.

Apollo Theater Studio

2540 N. Lincoln


(And if, for some evil reason you can’t make it tomorrow, we’ve got six more weeks after that. So see you then!)


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