Next Projects: Evil Unicorns, Weathered Adolescents

After, Life closed on Saturday. A big thanks to everyone who came out and helped to make it a successful production!

Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s time for 3LR to rest. We’ve got two more projects in the works. First, Weathered Adolescents, which will be a web series coming in early fall. Weathered Adolescents follows the exploits of three friends too old to be as childish as they are, but too young to be as broken by life as they are. One has just divorced, one has just been forced to move back with his parents, and one has just taken a big plunge and moved in with his girlfriend. We’re currently working on the script and we’re in early phases of casting, scouting locations, fight choreography, and stocking up on Twinkies, each of which will prove critical.

Our second project is our next stage show coming in late fall: Unicorn City, written by Greg Landgraf. As you might expect, Unicorn City is a musical about evil unicorns. Okay, the story goes a lot deeper than that—there’s a greedy baron who’s unjustly exiled a witch, who’s taking care of a naive young woman with a big secret, and a budding romance with a wise peasant, who’s so destitute he’s forced to serve as a steed for a self-absorbed traveling bard hoping the unicorns will boost his career, who meets the bitter stableboy, who despises the unicorns and spends his drunken days telling anyone who will listen that the unicorns have evil plots afoot, even though everyone knows that’s impossible…

See why we tend to abbreviate it to “A musical about evil unicorns”?

We’re doing a staged reading of Unicorn City this Saturday at 1 pm at Johnny O’Hagan’s, with a feedback session afterwords.

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