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Unicorn City Cast Named

Posted in Shows, Unicorn City with tags , on August 17, 2010 by Greg Landgraf

I’m delighted to say that Unicorn City is cast and rehearsals begin tonight. The cast is:

Laura Korn – Xandra the Unicorn

Alison Logan – Brandy the Unicorn

Charlsey Miller – Laila

Paul Rigano – Ek

Emily Adams – Emmaline

Tiffany Taylor – Wajida

Greg Landgraf – Pinchal

Doug Albers – Baron Brange

Derick Hawksworth – Zeb

Domenic Macsis – Bert

Also, watch this site for a special series, The History of Aathenaar. Commissioned by Baron Brange shortly before the events of Unicorn City, the series starts at the creation of the world and describes how the town, and its unicorn stables, developed. It might not be 100% accurate — it was, after all, commissioned by the baron and a bard must be mindful of who is paying his or her wages — but it should be interesting and amusing nonetheless.

The History of Aathenaar will begin tomorrow and run through the opening of Unicorn City October 15. That’s 18 parts, if you’re keeping track. (Not that you have any particular reason to be.) And while it’s independent of the musical, reading it may well give insight that will heighten your enjoyment of the play that much more.