About Three Legged Race

Three Legged Race (3LR to friends) was founded in 2006 by Doug Albers and Derick Hawksworth as a short-form improv group. In our early days, we headlined the weekly improv showcase at the Pressure Cafe, and performed at venues including the Playground Theater, Chemically Imbalanced Comedy, the Mutiny, and two renaissance faires, which we may well deny if you ask about.

Before long, we were running and headlining our own improv showcase, first at Sheffield’s, then Johnny O’Hagan’s, and finally back at Sheffield’s. This hit show featured two guest teams each night and ran for more than a year and a half.

We always knew that we wanted to evolve into sketch comedy, which we started in the summer of 2008 by closing the Sheffield’s Comedy Showcase and beginning preparations for our first sketch show, Awkward Turtle, which ran in January and February of 2009 at the Apollo Studio Theater. Our second sketch show, Front for Evil, ran at the Apollo in August and September of 2009, and our first one-act, After, Life, ran at the Apollo in March and April of 2010. See the Previous Shows page for details, and the Video page for some of the sketches from those shows.

We’re now working on our fourth scripted show and our first musical, Unicorn City, which opens October 15 at (say it with us) the Apollo Studio Theater. See our Upcoming Shows page for full details.

We’ve also been recording our comedy for the benefit of the internet. (That would be you!) Check out these sketches on our appropriately-named Video page.

What happens after all this? Let’s just say it involves comedy, funny, comedy, laughs, and comedy.

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