Previous Shows

After, Life posterMost recently, 3LR produced its first original one-act, After, Life. After, Life is the darkly comic story of Kevin and Michelle, recently deceased, who are picking up where their lives left off. After the car accident in which Michelle killed Kevin, or maybe Kevin killed Michelle—and just possibly an unborn baby—these two have to figure out their new roles in the afterlife, amidst a cast of characters who have been struggling with just that problem for a much longer time.

Front for Evil logoOur second sketch show was Front for Evil, which explored evil in all its forms. At least, the enjoyable ones, like pirates, rehab, Hollywood agents, and alcohol. Not evil like racism. We’re opposed to that.

Previous Shows

Our first show was Awkward Turtle. Awkward Turtle celebrated the world’s inadvertent freaks, creeps, and weirdos, and the hilariously uncomfortable situations they find themselves trapped in—including a terrible, terrible funeral for a cat; a jewelry store robbery gone wrong and undead; and a wee bit of perversion from Elmo the muppet.

“A top quality sketch comedy show in an intimate room for an affordable price.”—Alex Joyce, Comedy Corner Online.

Prior to Awkward Turtle, we hosted improv showcases at Sheffield’s and Johnny O’Hagans, and performed at venues including the Playground, Pressure Cafe, and Chemically Imbalanced Comedy.

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