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July 26 Production Notes: With a Xylophone on My Back

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on July 28, 2009 by Greg Landgraf

If you happened to see me biking to rehearsal yesterday, you would have seen a hopefully uncommon sight: a bicyclist with a xylophone on his back.

Okay, admittedly not a full-size one. Just a little one, two octaves in total, and no bulky stand or anything. But still, big enough to be sticking out of my backpack, leaving me nervous about it falling out and causing a taxicab to crash into someone who doesn’t deserve to die.

Fortunately, the xylophone made it to rehearsal without incident. It was necessary for a single scene—one of the two songs left in the show. And fans of our last show, Awkward Turtle, will recognize the characters.

I’ll leave the identity of the returning characters (the only ones, incidentally) for the next post. Let’s just say that the accompaniment for this song will be one of the few opportunities you’ll ever have to hear a xylophone-and-kazoo duet.

(It might actually be a metalophone; I think the term xylophone only technically applies if the things you hit are made of wood. Oh well.)

In other news, the time of the show was down to 49 minutes in our run-through yesterday without further scene cuts. This is a good sign; it means that we’re picking up line cues more quickly and delivering them more confidently.

With a week and a half before open, our situation is surprisingly unpanicky. While we’re going to be glad for the few rehearsals we have left, if we had to open this week instead of next, we could.

July 19 Production Notes: Technicalities

Posted in Front for Evil, Shows with tags , , , on July 21, 2009 by Greg Landgraf

Our Sunday rehearsals are a bit abbreviated. Our director, Jay, teaches at Second City before our rehearsal. Then, she teaches at Second City after our rehearsal. As a result, we’ve got a bit under two hours with her, followed by a bit of cast time to run lines on our own.

So yesterday, we quote-unquote only did the staging of one scene. It’s about birth control, and technicalities that you shouldn’t really don’t want to have to think about when you’re talking about birth control. It’s also one of the two musical numbers that will have full recorded accompaniment.

It took a while because the staging mutated far beyond what anyone could have expected. What started as just a simple series of three vignettes (think “Interjections” from Schoolhouse Rock, only with condoms) became a more complicated series of three vignettes, with a pair of couples, and a pair of inner monologues, who then have their own attempt at a one-night stand.

I think it will be more clear when it’s on stage. If not, well, just assume that there’s a couple singers who invade people’s bedrooms at night, and then meet up afterward.