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July 14 Production Notes: Yep, the Show Exists

Posted in Front for Evil, Shows with tags , , on July 18, 2009 by Greg Landgraf

I have to admit: I was not at my best for our Tuesday rehearsal. There’s a perfectly good reason—after four 15-hour work days, I pretty much needed sleep, rather than more concentrating.

Nevertheless, I was there, and not even wholly useless. We did two things. First, we ran what will in all likelihood be our opening scene. It went far more easily than it had any right to. And it should work well as an opener; it’s got a bit of screaming, a bit of desperation, a bit of realistic pinball action, and some—rather a lot, actually–begging.

After that, we did a run-through of nearly the entire show. 17 scenes; the only two missing are the two songs that will have prerecorded accompaniment, which isn’t quite ready yet.

Doing a full run-through is the first time that you can really look at a show and say, “Yep, it exists. It’s a real thing, it’s going to happen.” That isn’t to say there’s not still work, or even that it’s finalized—the run-through took 60 minutes even, which is too long for a sketch show, so stuff will be cut—but it’s still a nice feeling.

Sunday, if all goes well, is music day. And I’m reasonably confident that I’ll be fully awake for it.