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Serendipity (or pee)

Posted in After, Life, Shows with tags , , , , , , on March 13, 2010 by Greg Landgraf

We’ve assembled the last of the props for After, Life, thanks to a bit of luck. The script calls for a few twigs and sticks on the ground, so that at one point we can try to build a big bonfire. Well, not really a big one, and not technically a bonfire, I don’t think. Just enough to light a cigarette with.

Of course, twigs and sticks don’t just grow on trees, and our final prop-related concern was gathering them for the show. But then, director Doug made a find: A whole giant bag of sticks just lying in an alley with someone’s garbage.

Being the genius that he is, Doug snapped them up and we rehearsed with them for the first time on Tuesday. Being the gloriously pretentious artists that we are (I sometimes speak French, despite not knowing the language!) I can tell you just how different a real twig feels from an object-work twig. It’s brown and sticky, you know?

I kid, of course. But the sticks were surprisingly fragrant, at least when, at one point, one of them gets broken and releases all of its lovely chemical goodness. Of course, there’s a downside to that: The aroma stimulated our brains and got us thinking. Why would someone just throw a perfectly good bag of sticks into the trash?

The answer we came up with is that they were obviously peed on by a dog or bum.

Now, I don’t personally believe that, as evidenced by the speed with which I run to wash my hands after using them. But if you were undecided about the show, let that inspire you to come: You might be able to see people handling things that have been peed on.

OK, maybe that sentence won’t be going on the poster. But if you’re not interested in a really well-written, funny show, maybe you will be interested in that.