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Unicorn City posterComing in October, our next show is Unicorn City, a musical about evil unicorns. The village of Aathenaar’s baron is a petty little tyrant, but he at least has vision: build a tourism industry around a number of unicorns that he has managed to capture. But as it turns out, unicorns can be really violent. When the stableboy discovers their counter-plot, he’ll have to rally the town if there’s going to be any hope of survival. Unicorn City was written by 3LR member Greg Landgraf, and is directed by Joe Lewis.

Unicorn City runs Fridays at 10:30 pm from October 15 through November 19 at the Apollo Studio Theater.


Laura Korn – Xandra the Unicorn

Alison Logan – Brandy the Unicorn

Charlsey Miller – Laila

Paul Rigano – Ek

Emily Adams – Emmaline

Tiffany Taylor – Wajida

Greg Landgraf – Pinchal

Doug Albers – Baron Brange

Derick Hawksworth – Zeb

Domenic Macsis – Bert

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