Three Legged Race has been producing comedy videos since 2007. Full archives are available on YouTube, or if you hate the Google-ization of everything, you can also now check us out on Blip, or Funny or Die (vote us “funny!”). Or you can just look at the brand-new videos below, but really, check out the archives too. You’ll enjoy them.

Unicorn City Trailer

Cat Funeral
A funeral for a cat? Really? Just remember… always read the Evite.

The Pissed-off, Pissed-on Santa
Santa loses it… but with good, if moist, reason.

Farewell, Jenny
Poor Chris loses the most important person in his life.

The Assassinated Presidents
The 4 assassinated presidents are back from the dead, hardcore.

The Seven Stages of Morning
Comedy equals tragedy plus time. Or at least an alarm clock.

The National Gelatinous Cube Attack Hotline
3LR’s web series, about that brave, brave organization charged with protecting Americans against gelatinous cube attacks. Enjoy the full 9-episode series!

Episode 1: Prologue
The menu that you’ll hear when you call.

Episode 2: Status Report
So long, Lincoln Park. You’re screwed.

Episode 3: Green Slime
We only deal with gelatinous cubes. NOT any opaque blob creatures. Jerks.

Episode 4: Rebellious Kids
This one’s for all the Concerned Parents out there. Chill out!

Episode 5: Gift Options
Yep, non-profits can have a gift shop. But gelatinous cube-related gifts are sweet!

Episode 6: Neighborhood Watch
Today’s caller is a bit ahead of the curve. She’s a leader in protecting her family and community against gelatinous cubes.

Episode 7: The Dog
A man suspects there’s a gelatinous cube in his apartment, but the actual explanation is even worse… or better.

Episode 8: Donation
You definitely should donate to the Hotline… although you may give more than you think.

Episode 9: Trapped!
A man is trapped in an actual gelatinous cube! Can the Hotline help, or will the crippling depression of a wasted youth threaten everyone?

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